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Drug-Drug Interactions Checker

Presents possible drug-drug interactions between medications

Add at least two drugs to check interactions

    Note: The search fields in this interactive demo are for demonstration purposes. Our plugin is designed to check interactions from any medication lists you select in your software.

    <db-medication-search jwt="YOUR TOKEN"></db-medication-search>
    <db-medication-search jwt="YOUR TOKEN"></db-medication-search>
    <db-ddi-viewer jwt="YOUR TOKEN"></db-ddi-viewer>
    Show Javascript
    // There are many ways to connect our plugins. This shows one
    // of the simplest ways, where you have two separate lookups
    // and we update the db-ddi-viewer whenever one changes.
    let productConcepts = [];
    const medications =
    const viewer =
    [...medications].forEach((element, index) => {
      element.addEventListener("db-value-changed", function(event) {
        // Store the drugbank product concept id
        productConcepts[index] = event.detail.drugbank_pcid
        // Filter out null (empty selections)
        const selectedConcepts = productConcepts.filter(id => id)
        if (selectedConcepts.length > 1) {
          // Make a new id string (ex. 'DBPC0000001,DBPC0000002')
          const idString = selectedConcepts.join(',')
          // The ddi viewer will update automatically when the new
          // value is set.
          viewer.setAttribute("drugbank-pcid", idString)
        } else {
          viewer.setAttribute("drugbank-pcid", "")

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