Conditions Structure & Example

Condition Look Up

A basic condition look-up includes the name of the condition that was searched and any corresponding external identifiers. In addition, DrugBank's conditions are situated within a hierarchy. Thanks to this, there are additional parameters to filter more specific and more general forms of the condition being searched. These are also linked to any corresponding external identifiers. DrugBank will also display indications associated with these conditions to provide more insight - for more information see our documentation on Indications.

"name": "Gout", "drugbank_id": "DBCOND0015777",
"meddra_id": "llt/10018634", "snomed_id": "d/309672015", "icd10_id": "c/M10.9", "more_general": [ {
"name": "Disorders of purine metabolism", "drugbank_id": "DBCOND0027454",
"meddra_id": "hlt/10070968", "snomed_id": "c/32612005" }... ], "more_specific": [ {
"name": "Gout Flares", "drugbank_id": "DBCOND0059958",
"meddra_id": "llt/10064900", "snomed_id": "c/190844004", "icd10_id": "c/M10" }... ],
"indications": [
"kind": "management_of",
"off_label": true,
"otc_use": false,
"drug": { "name": "Ibuprofen", "drugbank_id": "DB01050" },
"condition": { "name": "Gout", "drugbank_id": "DBCOND0015777",
"meddra_id": "llt/10018634", "snomed_id": "d/309672015", "icd10_id": "c/M10.9" } }... ] }
In the example above, the condition we are looking at is “gout” (DBCOND0015777), a form of arthritis associated with abnormally high levels of uric acid in the bloodstream.Uric acid is formed when purines are broken down in the body, and thus we see gout fall under the more general parent concept "Disorders of purine metabolism” (DBCOND0027454). We are also shown the condition “Gout Flares” (DBCOND0059958), a specifically acute form of gout in which the condition worsens quickly and dramatically, to provide an example of a more specific (i.e. child) form of the condition retrieved by the API call. Finally, we are provided a list of indications in which our condition is used - in this case, we can see that ibuprofen (DB01050) is indicated for the off-label management of gout. Note: this is only one of the drugs indicated for “gout” there are several more in the response.