Field Descriptions

Drug Binding Data

Data sources indicate the source of the information present in each field. Data sources do not indicate that all sources were used for a particular field and drug. Individual drug target reference information can be found in the "References" section of each target.

NameName of the protein or macromolecule (or other small molecule)
Gene NameGene name
SynonymsAlternate names (protein names, abbreviations, etc.)
Protein SequenceAmino acid sequence
Number of ResiduesNumber of amino acids in the protein sequence
  • Automatic
Molecular Weight (Daltons)Molecular weight given in Daltons or g/mol
  • Automatic
Theoretical pITheoretical isoelectric point
  • Automatic
GO ClassificationGene ontology classification including function, cellular process and location
General FunctionShort 3-4 word summary of the primary functions
Specific FunctionDetailed 30-40 word summary of the specific functions
PathwaysKey pathways or processes (from SMPD) that the given molecule is involved in
ReactionReaction(s) that the given molecule participates in
Pfam Domain FunctionNames and ID numbers of PFAM domains
SignalsLocation of signal peptide or other localization signals in the sequence
Transmembrane RegionsNumber and location of the transmembrane helices
EssentialityImportance or essentialness in terms of the organism's ability to survive without it
  • Manual Search
GenBank ID ProteinGenBank protein ID (if it exists)
UniProt ID/NameUniProt ID (if it exists)
PDB IDPDB ID (if it exists)
Cellular LocationLocation of the given protein or macromolecule inside or around the cell (cytoplasm, nucleus, membrane, etc.)
Gene SequenceDNA sequence (from cDNA) of the given molecule
GenBank ID GeneGenBank database gene identifier and link
GeneCards IDGeneCards database identifier and link
GenAtlas IDGenAtlas database identifier and link
HGNC IDHGNC database identifier and link
Chromosome LocationLocation of the molecule on any of the 23 human chromosomes (no location is given if the molecule is bacterial)
LocusMore detailed location of the chromosomal position of the gene
ReferencesPubmed references
Drug ReferencesSpecific references for the given drug association