Food interaction


  • Drug-food interaction
  • Food-drug interaction
  • Interaction with food

This describes a change in a drug's effect on the body when the drug is taken with certain foods (or beverages, including alcohol). Not every drug is affected by food, and some drugs are only affected by specific foods. A drug-food interaction can delay, reduce, or improve the absorption of a drug. This can increase or decrease the effects of the drug or cause adverse effects 1.

In DrugBank's individual drug entries, information about a drug's interaction with food may be found under the "Food interactions" section within the "Interactions" section. As mentioned above, some drugs are not affected by food. The sentence, "take without regard to meals", is included in these cases 2. This example was obtained from the Pantoprazole drug entry. The Acetaminophen drug entry specifically mentions that alcohol should be avoided when this drug is taken 3.


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