Rat acute toxicity ADMET Feature Prediction


  • Acute rat toxicity

The determination of acute toxicity expressed as median lethal dose (LD50 ), is a major step in drug discovery. DrugBank automatically retrieves information from admetSAR database, using a table format to display various predicted properties of a drug. This database predicts the absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity of drugs (ADMET) 1. Rat acute toxicity information can be found in the "Predicted ADMET features" section of a drug entry.

One prediction this database makes is the median LD50 value for rats, representing acute toxicity in a numerical format. Rat acute toxicity, for the purpose of DrugBank, refers to a numerical LD50 value representing toxicity to rats 3. DrugBank extracts this data for display in a drug entry. The LD50 value, defined as the statistically derived dose that, when given in an acute toxicity test, is the median lethal dose expected to cause death in 50% of the treated animals in a given period of time 2.


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