P-glycoprotein inhibitor II ADMET Feature Prediction


  • MDR2 inhibitor
  • p-glycoprotein 2 inhibitor
  • p-gp 2 inhibitor
  • pgp 2 inhibitor

This describes a substance that inhibits P-glycoprotein II, which is also known as MDR2. The inhibition of the p-glycoprotein transporter may have various medical effects and serious effects on other drugs that are given, as it plays important roles in drug uptake and excretion.

DrugBank automatically retrieves information from the admetSAR database, using a table format to display various predicted properties of a drug under the "Predicted ADMET features" section of a drug entry 1. This database predicts the absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity of drugs (ADMET). It also identifies drugs as predicted p-glycoprotein II "inhibitors" or "non-inhibitors". In the example below, obtained from the Acetaminophen drug entry, this drug is classified as a p-glycoprotein II "non-inhibitor". Other drugs will be identified as p-glycoprotein II "inhibitors".


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